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Henley Festival iPhone App

It has long been recognized that the Henley Festival is one of the largest and most significant of England's arts festivals. Each July the Festival welcomes large audiences to one of England's most beautiful locations for five nights 'under the stars, with the stars'.

What is not commonly recognised is that the Festival's success over recent years has resulted in one of the most active and go-ahead of all community and education units in the British arts world. 100% of the Festival's net profits and 100% of the Festival Friends membership fees go to the Trust, all in support of a growing programme.

The App provides a handy pocket abstract reference guide for Festival goers, including news, a What’s On and Who's on and When.

We had the privilege of producing the first Henley Festival iPhone App guide to the Festival in 2011 and refreshing it for 2012. Our Appvox engineers produced a great App, full of useful information about the Festival, which was continually updated in the days leading up to the Festival.

Reviews on Apple's App Store

All you need to know   5 Star
by Alex Clarke - Version 1.5 - 05-Jul-2011
This is a great app, giving you all the info you need for the Henley Festival. Makes it possible to plan your time and where you should be. Great addition that you can also buy tickets directly through the App.
Very handy   5 Star
by 27Sparky - Version 1.5.1 - 06-Jul-2011
Great app. Def worth having. What would make it even better is on the map to have it pinpoint where you are on the grounds-keeping fingers crossed for this next yr!  

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About The Henley Festival

Henley Festival is an extraordinary and elegant mix of music, art, culture, dining and location - the most magical summer event in the United Kingdom.

Coming the week after the Regatta and lasting 5 nights, audiences are treated to an event full of contrasting performances on whichever night they attend - the best in classical music, jazz, opera, comedy, dance, street theatre, rock and firework spectaculars like you've never experienced them before.

With its wonderful range of entertainment in a breathtaking setting on the banks of the River Thames and with some of the best wining and dining seen at any Festival, Henley Festival makes for a highly glamorous party not to be missed, with stars on stage and in the audience, too!

If you would like to know more about the festival please see the Henley Festival web site.

For more information about how we can build you an App see our App Building page, or contact us by using our enquiry form or otherwise.

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