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Founded as a spin-out from Imperial College of Science and Technology in London, IST is a software engineering company which established a long pedigree in Internet and Web technologies, having been an Internet pioneer - it has been connected since 1983.

The company developed significant expertise in user interface technology and mobile systems, working with industry majors on server infrastructure and phone software. It used its technological competence, experience and skills to provide its customers with a unique competitive edge in a critical, highly demanding world.

It dominated the world market in graphical user interface tools for high performance workstations. Its award-winning user interface builder, X-Designer, is used by major aerospace, research, government and financial organizations world-wide.

IST Reading Limited trades as IST and Imperial Software Technology and sells IST products and services worldwide.

In February 2024 Payload Media Inc was appointed to sell and support X-Designer in North America.

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