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Motif - The GUI for UNIX Systems

Open Group's Public License for Motif

The Open Group have released the source code of Motif to the Open Source community. See the The Open Group's Open Motif page.

See also the Motif Goes Open article by Antony Fountain, formerly on the O'Reilly site.

Motif Availability

OpenMotif 2.1.30, 2.1.31 and 2.1.32 are available under the terms of the Open Group license.   Click here to go to our download page.

Motif Books

O'Reilly publish a series of books in a set called 'The Definitive Guides to the X Window System' which include:
Volume 6A - the Motif Programming Manual
Volume 6B - the Motif Reference Manual.

Both these books have been updated for Motif 2.1, primarily by Antony Fountain, a Principal Engineer who was a leading member of the X-Designer development team. They are available for download as PDF files from IST (Volume 6A and Volume 6B) under the terms of the Open Publication license.

Volume 6A is also available as an html file for browsing.

The example programs from Volume 6A are also available for download here.

The Motif 1.2 version of Volume 6A (Issue 2) is available online as PDF and HTML at http://www.linux-france.org/article/motif/oreilly/.

You should also try and get a copy of Advanced Motif Programming Techniques. Although it is aimed at Motif 1.2 it is still very useful for any Motif programmer.


motifdeveloper.com is the revised and updated MW3: Motif on the World Wide Web. We took over the site which is a valuable source of X/Motif information.

X-Designer Availability

X-Designer, the award winning GUI Builder for Motif, Windows, Java and the Internet, is available, built with OpenMotif, for Linux and FreeBSD. If you are already an X-Designer user please contact us by using our enquiry form or otherwise.

Otherwise please use our form to register and download an evaluation copy.

Is Motif Dead? No Way!

See the Interview with Antony Fountain by Lori Houston, and the subsequent discussion, both formerly on the O'Reilly web site


Contact us for more information by using our enquiry form or otherwise.

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