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Motif Reference Manual (O'Reilly Volume 6B)

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Volume 6B: Motif Reference Manual

For Motif 2.1

By Antony Fountain & Paula Ferguson

The complete programmer's reference for the Motif toolkit now covers Motif 2.1, the latest release of Motif. This book provides reference pages for all of the Motif functions and macros and all of the Motif and Xt widget classes. It also includes a summary of the new features in Motif 2.1.

Open Source Edition
For Motif 2.1
December 2001
1286 pages

This is an updated version of the 2nd Edition:

  • all the function prototypes and examples have been converted to strict ANSI format
  • the UIL sections have been restored
  • the Xt Session Shell is documented
  • many bug patches have been folded in
  • new examples have been added to Motif 2.1 procedure sections

Available for download here, as a PDF file or in Source form under the terms of the Open Publication License.


2nd Edition
February 2000
O'Reilly & Associates
ISBN: 1-56592-654-4
1170 pages


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The Authors

Antony Fountain, a Principal Engineer who worked on a number of X/Motif products, including X-Designer, the world-leading Motif GUI builder tool. Aside from development, he has written and delivered X/Motif widget/graphics training courses and developed the front ends to several external products as a consultant. He has been working with X/Motif for well over 20 years.

Antony has an M.A. in English Language and Literature from Edinburgh, with sidelines in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, and a postgraduate M.Sc. in Computer Science from Heriot-Watt (Edinburgh).

Paula Ferguson is an editor for O'Reilly; she has edited books on Java, JavaScript, and a number of web-related topics. In her past life, she was a writer for O'Reilly, specializing in X/Motif books. Paula has a B.S. in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She lives in Boulder, Colorado, where she spends her spare time hanging from rocks and running trails with her two tireless Labrador retrievers.


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