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Advanced Motif Programming Techniques

Advanced Motif Programming Techniques

Advanced Motif Programming Techniques

Alistair George and
Mark Riches

With foreword by Doug Young

This book is aimed at the developer who is building Motif user interfaces for real applications. It complements the toolkit documentation by explaining the available features and how and why they should be used. This book can be read from cover to cover for a deeper understanding of Motif and the surrounding technologies, or just dipped into for a solution to a particular problem or an explanation of a feature.

It details interesting resources and gives examples of use for all the Motif widgets and covers techniques that are used in conjunction with the toolkit to add capability to your interfaces.

It features extensive drag and drop examples, hints and tips for form layout, basic X drawing techniques, handling application scrolling, and simple internationalisation.

Part One describes the various widgets supplied by the Motif and X Toolkit.
Part Two concentrates on the various techniques which can be used in conjunction with the Motif Toolkit.

Chapter titles

  1. Introduction
  2. Basics
  3. Primitive widgets and gadgets
  4. Simple manager widgets
  5. Composite widgets
  6. Form widget
  7. Scrolling widgets
  8. Shells and Xt widgets
  9. Menu system
  10. Resources
  11. Translations and accelerators
  12. Event handling
  13. Focus and transversal
  14. Window managers
  15. Compound strings and font lists
  16. Drawing
  17. Grabs
  18. Selections
  19. Drag and drop
  20. Internationalisation

The authors

Alistair George and Mark Riches were principal members of the team that developed X-Designer.

Published by Prentice Hall
ISBN 013-219965-3
420 pages

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