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X-Designer - The Ultimate GUI Builder - Evaluation

To get an Evaluation copy of X-Designer please fill in and submit the form below. You will be sent, immediately, an email with details of how to download the appropriate software.

It will run in a 'DEMO' mode whereby you cannot save or generate, but you can look at all the features. In order to evaluate it, you will need to get a license authorisation code from us. Details will be provided in the email, or you can look at our Installation and Licensing page.

You MUST enter a valid email address and select a platform on this form - if you don't you won't get the download instructions.

The other details are required to assess how serious you are about possibly purchasing the product (it is NOT free - see our product pricing information). This information will be used when issuing a license for the evaluation. If you don't fill in enough of the form you will be asked for that information before you are issued with a license.

Please also note the available platforms and required OS versions - if you have a later version of the OS then you'll probably be OK. Evaluations are available for earlier versions of the OS, but you won't be able to instantly download them. See the Version and Platform Availablility page. Please note that X-Designer runs on UNIX, Linux and VMS. It does NOT run on Windows, although it can produce code for Windows.

This software is for evaluation purposes only, and any generated code must not be used for commercial purposes. Downloading the software deems that you have read and accepted our product licensing agreement

If you want an extension to your evaluation period or an upgrade, please contact us by using our enquiry form or otherwise, quoting your existing customer reference number, if you have one.

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Please ensure that your email address is correct and that you have selected a platform - you will not get the download instructions without doing that.
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We will not distribute your information to other people. See our Privacy of Information Policy for more details.

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