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EPIC - Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

EPIC X-Motif Point-and Click Interface

This information is taken from the EPIC web page, which is no longer online.

EPIC is a project for the management, display and analysis of oceanographic and meteorological data with gateways to the web, popular analysis tools and the Internet.

The EPIC X-motif software contains a number of point-and-click interfaces that provides easy access to the EPIC data files and make it convenient for users to display, analysize and edit the EPIC in-situ data from their desktop UNIX computers.

EPIC X-Motif Software
EPIC X-Motif Software

There are several EPIC Graphic User Interface applications:

  • XEPIC -- EPIC meta data selection
  • 4DEDIT -- GRAPHIC 4D view and edit selected meta data
  • EPICEDIT -- TEXT view and edit selected meta data
  • HDREDIT -- TEXT edit header information of individual EPIC data file.
  • Prototype EPIC GUI for CTD contour plotting

These applications are developed using C and C++ language with the Motif toolkit on Solaris machine. X-Designer, an interactive tool, is used for building prototyped GUIs.

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