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Shares Magazine - 16 Jan 2003 Shares Magazine was launched several years ago to produce a magazine that embraced the thrills, risks and travails of investing in equities and related areas.

One of the early aspirations was to have a web based service for their readers and the broader investment community. This came to fruition in the form of the MoneyAM web site.

With the advent of mobile technology it was realised that it was also important to have an App for news feeds.

The MoneyAM web site

The site was built using DeltaStream software to deliver dynamic, real-time information on share prices, to power the all important Bulletin Boards and much more.

Streaming real time share prices, live city news, email alerts, bulletin boards, company fundamentals, and expert analysis from Shares Magazine staff are just some of the great features that MoneyAM provides free to anyone who registers on the site.

FTSE - 1100 24 Jan 2003

The 'Micro tables and charts' on the home page give you a snapshot of what's happening in the market and around the world. These are backed up by more comprehensive customisable tables and charts just a click away.

The two Bulletin Boards, Investors' Room and Traders' Room, are a key part of the site, and quite a community has already grown up around them. Watch the experts trading during the day, look for hints and tips on investing and see what's hot and what's not. You can just watch, listen and learn from others or you too can contribute and help make investing fun and educational.

This is all driven by DeltaStream technology which streams only the changing bits of data to you, thereby minimising the flow of data down your link. DeltaStream was chosen for this project because of its modularity, security, scalability, reliability, flexibility to be tailored exactly as required, and its track record of having successfully delivered streaming data to tens of thousands of people in other projects.

To get a sensible appreciation of the facilities provided on the site you really have to see it in action. This is particularly true of the Bulletin Boards. However the following two screen shots give a flavour of the site. First a section of the Stockwatch page and then the top part of the page displayed when requesting information on the trades of one particular stock.

The Stock Market Wire App

The Stock Market Wire App was built by the Shares Magazine team using Appvox technology.

The Shares Magazine's respected team of experienced financial journalists provides up-to-the-minute news and coverage of the UK markets and produces more than 150 financial and business stories each business day. The Stock Market Wire App delivers this comprehensive independent news content for financial and business professionals everywhere.

Stock Market Wire Stock Market Wire Stock Market Wire Stock Market Wire

Stockwatch screen

Trades for Vodophone

If you would like to know more about MoneyAM  go to MoneyAM's web site

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