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Sony Pictures - Film Restoration and Image Processing

Sony Pictures High Definition Center (SPHDC) used X-Designer for the development of classic film restoration and image processing software. X-Designer was used to create graphical user interfaces for software that automates correction of imperfections in scanned film. SPHDC selected X-Designer over competing products because of its ease of use and flexible design layout capabilities.

"The other GUI builders on the market tried to do too much in the form of project management," said Matthew Plec, a SPHDC Systems Engineer. "We went with X-Designer because it didn't force us to change our entire development process. X-Designer is easy to use and allows us to make changes to our interface design interactively, which saves us time in obtaining the look and response we want."

SPHDC used X-Designer to develop film restoration and image processing software to automate the repetitive tasks involved in classic film repair such as dirt, scratch and tram line removal, faded film correction and flicker reduction.

X-Designer also provides graphical front ends to SPHDC's other in-house software. These include graphics programs and utilities used to interface computer systems with high definition video equipment.

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