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X-Designer Generated and Supplied Source

X-Designer Generated Code

Unless specified otherwise in writing, neither we nor any of our agents have any rights over code generated with X-Designer by any user of X-Designer who is not employed by or working for or on behalf of us or its agents. Further, neither we nor our agents will charge any fee for any use of such code.

This statement does not in any way affect anything in the Software Product License Agreement which all users of X-Designer have accepted by becoming users of X-Designer.

Source Code in X-Designer Distribution

Except where specifically indicated otherwise, all files in the X-Designer distribution are copyrighted, and the conditions of our Software Product License apply to their use.

You may not distribute, transfer, loan, rent, assign, lease or sub-license any part of the X-Designer distribution except as specifically permitted below.

You as a licensee of X-Designer may, without charge, use, modify and distribute as part of a product produced with X-Designer, any "source file" in the X-Designer distribution, provided that any copyright message remains in place.

Non-licensees of X-Designer may only use a "source file" as part of the product originally developed by the X-Designer licensee or as part of a derivative work.

The term "source file" includes ASCII text files, Java Class files, pixmap files, bitmap files and other picture files. It explicitly excludes program object files and libraries, executable binary files and executable shell scripts.

Some files in the distribution have a copyright notice included in the file, or in a special text file in the same directory as the file, which specifically allows a greater freedom of use for the file(s) than that specified above. In the event of any conflict between our Software Product License, this notice and these special copyright notices, the special copyright notices shall take precedence.


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