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X-Designer® - The GUI Builder

Build your application graphically using Motif objects or "capture" a running Motif program, put together test suites or create internet ready applications. Generate code for Motif, Java, Windows or keep it independent of the toolkit. This is just a small sample of what X-Designer, the award winning Motif GUI builder, can do.

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Build Motif Interfaces Fast

X-Designer is the fastest way to build a Motif interface. It fully supports Motif 2.1 and is S508 compliant.

Testing too - X-Designer takes the drudgery out of GUI testing - see Record-Replay and the full panoply of features.

Free Evaluation

Evaluate, for free, X-Designer, the world-leading Graphical User Interface builder for Linux, Solaris and other UNIX systems, which has won many software industry awards since its launch in 1990.

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Get Motif Software and Books

X-Designer is built and verified with the officially supported OpenMotif (version 2.1). We supply this (free) package and (free) copies of the Motif Programming and Reference guides.

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